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Home Orchard Care

We specialize in helping homeowners grow fruit trees and berries by providing expert help with pruning, grafting, pest and disease management, planting and design.

Whether you want to learn how to care for your backyard orchard yourself, use our year-round organic management services, or just have access to expert advice, we help you install, maintain and repair fruit-bearing trees and shrubs for maximum health, yield, and environmental conscientiousness.

Holistic Fall Fruit Care

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Fall maintenance includes:

  • Harvest and storage (see preserving service) of fall fruit crops
  • Pest and disease monitoring
  • Clean-up of drops and proper disposal
  • Application of soil amendments
  • Holistic fall spray applications to assist in leaf decomposition
  • Painting fruit tree trunks to prevent winter sun damage
  • Installation of tree guards if needed for the winter