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We specialize in helping homeowners grow fruit trees and berries by providing expert help with pruning, grafting, pest and disease management, planting and design.

Whether you want to learn how to care for your backyard orchard yourself, use our year-round organic management services, or just have access to expert advice, we help you install, maintain and repair fruit-bearing trees and shrubs for maximum health, yield, and environmental conscientiousness.


Perhaps you’ve inherited an old tree with your new house, or perhaps you haven’t been able to pay much attention to your yard lately. It’s time for some restorative tree care.


After too long without proper maintenance, it can take several years of restorative pruning to bring a tree or shrub back to full production.

Some homeowners don’t care for the variety of fruit in their yard and are tempted to take out the tree and start over. But we can help you graft a new varieties onto your old root stock, to get new fruit in much less than the five years or so it takes with a new young tree.
Plus you have the benefit of not one variety but up to 75 different varieties on the same tree!

We also can assist with special remedies to deal with years of built-up pest and disease problems, and repair weather damage from ice or wind storms, especially for warm-weather trees.

Did you know? Pruning depends on the weather, not the calendar. The right time to prune could vary by many weeks from year to year, depending on specific conditions.


Restoration Services

Restorative pruning
Rehabilitative care
Damage repair


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